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Kidd Murray (b.1994) explores themes of consumerism and materialism, and depicts a

natural environment which has been ruled by both, rendering it obsolete. These imagined

places are adorned with diamantes, vibrant colours and manicured landscapes, a nod to

materialism and impractical and harmful beauty standards. A focal point in most of

Murray’s work is the glowing green worm, which represents a toxic consumer. In some

pieces the worm can be seen feeding off of fruits and plants, and in others it appears to

be struggling to find its place in a superficial, dysfunctional world.


BA (Hons) Painting & Printmaking, Glasgow School Of Art, 2013 - 2017

Intermedia Art, Academy of Arts Architecture and Design, Prague, Sept 2015


Solo Shows

2023, January, Août Gallery, Beirut

Group Shows

2023 January, Group Show, Cohle Gallery, Paris

2022 May, International, 19 Karen Gallery, Gold coast, Australia

2021 June, Afro Scoulture, A.Scot Gallery, Glasgow

2020 November, Inner Escape, House of Fine Art, London

2019 November, Winter Show, Compass Gallery, Glasgow

2017 June, Southside Salon, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

Online Shows

2022 February, That’s Showbiz Baby, Tchotchke Gallery

2021 November, Nostalgia, Artistellar



Press Links

Overstandard Interview January 2023

Juxtapoz Magazine May 2022

Creative Boom Article October 2021

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