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K i d d   M u r r a y 


Kidd Murray is a visual artist whose works question ideas of the unnatural and natural, the commodification and artificiality of nature. Murray is interested in the processes, tools
and structures implemented by society as a means to modify, dominate and domesticate our natural environment. Their most recent body of work is fuelled by a fascination with the destructive, yet dependant relationship with nature, and specifically explores genetic modification within plant breeding. The work plays with an extreme, amplified and sort of playful narrative where the phenotypic traits have been so modified that the produce have begun to resemble something ornamental and decorative. They are adorned with diamanté jewels in place of seeds, and hair in place of stalks and leaves. The diamanté jewels represent the artificiality of the produce. These futuristic phenotypic traits render the ‘fruit’ inedible and obsolete, symbolising a society consumed by materialism. Kidd Murray graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2017 with a BA Hons degree in Painting & Printmaking. Murray continues to live and work in Glasgow, from their studio in the south-side of the city.



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